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Special work


Reconstruction of the cracks in the emergency concrete collector with the elastic insulation high-build coating Euromant.


Euromant is a dissolvent-free two-component insulation high-build coating substance on the basis of polyurethane, which is determined for smaller applications for the insulation of emergency tanks, collectors, transformers, shafts, insulation of joints of the tank base, insulation of the floors of oil storerooms, channels, technological shafts of pipelines, insulation of flat roofs, terraces and for insulation of bridges. Euromant is always applied on bases with sufficient statistic bearing capacity made of concrete, bricks or steel.

After hardening the insulation membrane is constantly elastic, with insulation properties, resistant to weather conditions, oil products and different chemicals.


Our specialists shall perform checking of your equipment and issue an inspection certificate, inform you on the optimal solution of the incidental reconstruction of your equipment.

Upon regular inspections of old or new emergency collectors, impounding tubs there are often cracks on the concrete surface. Subsequently the original dispersive paint coats or thin resin insulations show damages, degradations or fall off. It results in untightness and hereby also in malfunction of the collector or of the emergency tank.

Euromant – guarantee of safety against oil leakage and pollution of underground waters.